Corona being a global pandemic viral disease it has thus resulted into a world's great economic downfal as it has affected many and causes mass killing thus decreased man power or human resources to the maximum .It should therefore be taken very seriously and handled with care cause of its threat.This disease is age ,gender ,status and race free thus non bias but those at high chance of being affected with low chance of survival are the elderlies, children below one year of age ,those suffering from malnutrition and those with diseases such as BP,Cancer,Diabetes,Stroke are very unlike to being better since their immunity is very low.

People should avoid listenin and paying attention to rumors and propaganda going about in the streets as these may lead to worry,dismay,fear and even death.People should have faith and put their hopes up regardless of the situation as this wl develop a positive mindset to one's mind.

People should adhere to what WHO say or their respective leaders and not otherwise as only these will keep you on the right track of being updated with the right news ....keep away from social media posts that give wrong news and information about the disease thus misconceptions. only the  appropriate mass media should have an effect on you not otherwise.

Be responsible for your actions for your own welfare and that of others before going think how many lives you may cost incase of your carelessness and if not necessary stay in to be safe and reduce the risk to infections.There are various ways that different people from across the globe have come up with to improve health and prevent further infection.For instance people from Africa came up the idea of using lemon grass ,neem leaves and water and incubate.

Here this is done as the process is cheap ,easy and the products are affordable as most of the Africans can't afford the chemicals so what can be done is using such herbs and it been proved working.

So just take a cooking pan ,put water in it then add neem leaves or lemon grass or both then leave them to boil, after thorough boil take a haevy cloth like towel or blanket and incubate yourself make sure vapour does not leave the cloth , you should ensure that you sweat .It is believed since the vapour is very hot almost 100°C the virus is less likely to survive.It takes place at different intervals regarding age.And it should be done atleast twice a day ..morning and night.

-For kids from 2-4 minutes 

-For adults 7-8 minutes

Also drinking lukewarm water is highly recommended.

It is also advised to put altogether garlic,ginger ,lemon and onions and water in the blender and make juice out of them.The juice has been said to be working and helping lots of people.


Guidelines and tips to keep u healthy and safe

•stay indoors go out only if necessary.

•Meditate daily this will help you develop daily positive attitude thus keep you off negativity especially from fears and worries but also can do this by listening to music in a peaceful and calm place.

•Do regular exercises and eat a well balanced diet especially those prone to the disease.

•Keep yourself busy by making friends online ,and do some creative works to remove boredom and idleness this will keep you off from stupid stuffs and help you develop new abilities and talents ...its this time that one can learn of his or her potentials and work on them

•Sanitize your hands daily and wash your hands regularly using anti-bacterial soap,keep your mouth and nose closed all times and change the masks daily .

•keep away from contacts such as kissing ,hugging and handshaking .

•Avoid staying in crowds

•If you are from a walk or work go directly for showers and do not mix your clothes from the rest of the household.

•Always keep a smile on your face and tell yourself it will be okay.


    "This is a battle we have to fight and we will win this ,we are more than conquerers." 

  On top of it all let's work hand in hand with those working in the health institution to keep issue from going worse they sacrifice a lot our prayers are very important for their well being.

     #Stay Home ,Stay Safe.

     @Peace to you all...stay blessed






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