It is continuously advised by all the medical expert to follow the following preventive measures to decrease the transmission of the COVID-19 virus:

1.       Wash your hands with soap and water at-least once in an hour.

2.       Clean your hands with alcohol rich hand sanitizer on regular intervals.

3.       Try covering your face with at-least a 3-layer face mask otherwise keep a cotton mask while going out in public places on your face.

4.       Avoid going in public places if not feeling well

5.       Wash all the packaged items properly before consuming or storing in the home.

6.       Avoid touching your face.

7.       Stop activities such as smoking and consuming alcohol because it makes the lungs weak.

8.       Do not allow children of age up to 10 years to go in the public places.

Do not hesitate to visit/call a doctor if following symptoms occur:

1.       Fever

2.       Tiredness

3.       Dry cough

4.       Problem while breathing

5.       Sores/swelling in throat

Also, the person suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms should take a responsibility himself/herself to get isolated to stop the spread of virus in the society.

Some of the myths related to COVID-19:

Myth1: 5G mobile network spreads COVID-19.

Reality: A virus can not travel over radio waves or mobile network and many countries where there is no 5G network are also suffering from the virus.

Myth2: Sunlight can prevent from the virus.

Reality: One can catch coronavirus despite of ample amount off sunny or hot weather, countries where there is hot temperature are also suffering from COVID-19.

Myth3: Coronavirus is lifetime disease.

Reality: anyone suffering from coronavirus can get rid of it and can permanently get free from the virus.

Myth4: consuming alcohol protects against COVID-19.

Reality: Consuming more alcohol can instead of decreasing the risk of getting coronavirus can increase the risk of getting it.


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Noira - Apr 19, 2020, 2:58 AM - Add Reply

Very True

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Peace - Apr 19, 2020, 11:51 AM - Add Reply

Am glad I know now thank you

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Michael Otu - Apr 22, 2020, 8:07 AM - Add Reply

Great piece

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