The beauty and essence of character in pursuit of a goal cannot be overemphasized. A good character is worth having more than charisma. Character will take you places where charisma cannot. Interestingly it is the foundation of every achievement in any area of our lives, talk of relationships or marriage, business , career, and so on.

         A good reputation or charisma without a good character is equal to destruction. It is much more important to work on building a good character than charisma or a good reputation. A key influence of our character is wrong company. Check who you call your friends because the company you keep determines what accompanies you in life..  Let us prioritize building a good character because it is what determines how far we go in life.  The proof of your values is evident in your character.

        Sometimes, the reason why things do not seem to working for us is because of our character. It cannot always be the devil. For instance, how you treat your friends, family and strangers as well as your partner in your relationship is a product of your character. It can either attract people into your life or repel them. How you treat people will determine how others treat you. What you do not want to be said or done to you, make you do not say or do to others too. 

       Your character is seen in how you speak or talk to people,  how you relate  with people, and what you do ( actions). It is important to note that character cannot be hidden. Your character reveals your true identity. In actual sense, Your character is what you do when nobody is watching. Your integrity defines your character. What you do in public or when everybody is watching or observing you is your Reputation. Some people spend more time building their reputation instead of their character. Your reputation is worthless when your character is questionable or nothing to right home about. In the same vein, your beauty or status is nothing when your character is ugly.  As a lady preparing to marry, no man can stand a disrespectful lady no matter how beautiful she is. As a man, no lady can love you if you do not know how to treat them nicely. It does not matter if you hold a high esteem, high status or position or rich in life.  To all prospective Singles, look out for Godly character before you choose anyone as your future spouse. As I said early on, character can never be hidden. It will surely be revealed with time. No matter how much one pretends, his or her character will surely show forth with time. Never compromise on Godly character in the pursuit of a life partner, and even in your choice of friends. The Bible makes us understand that An evil company corrupts good manners. Remember that what will become of you in five years or the future, is contingent on the books you read and the friends you have now or make. Consequently, we must be careful in our choices especially in who we choose as friends, what we read or watch, and where we go. All these can either build our character or destroy it.

       In conclusion, Godly character is the ultimate asset to having a meaningful life. Your character defines your vision. We must endeavour individually to build godly character. The Bible makes us understand that man may look at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Your character is a reflection of what keep or possess in your heart. That is why the Bible says that we should guard our hearts for out of it comes the issues of life. I pray that we build godly character through placing value on God's word and associating with the right people in your life.

     I believe someone has really been blessed or inspired by this. Kindly share and leave your comments after reading. Thank you and stay safe and blessed!!. Have a wonderful weekend. 

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