In life, there are so many  small things that we do and we don`t pay very much attention to what we are doing hence we just end up doing what anybody can just do and yet we could go further and do better than what others can do. This does not stop there it`s all about how unique you want to be in whatever you are doing, how great should it be? How much attention will it attract? We have more to learn in life about the small things we do in life.

One of the things that are being ignored in life today are the small things we do. You may ask yourself why they are ignored. This is because we don`t do them differently and no greatness is put in those small things we do. Greatness is done through creativity. Small things value more even compared to the great things people are used to seing, hearing or even doing. You may do something very small but it matters a lot.

When you put uniqueness in any small thing you do first of all you differ from the rest. For example one can decide to make a small broom but using it you have to bend and sweep and another one will make the same broom but creative enough and add a wooden rod to it that will make one to stand as they sweep instead of bending. Now between the two brooms made above, which one would you choose to sweep with? Obviously the one with the wooden rod to let you sweep as you stand. So you can just see how doing small things differently matter.

Most of the times we do not value small things just because we lack a different way of doing them. Another example for you; A man finds a begger by the road side and the begger asks for help, the man gives her some little money and leaves. Later on comes a woman and sees the same begger by the road side and the woman gives  the begger some money and takes him(her) for a meal. Between the man and the woman,who would the begger consider as a better person? It is obvious that the woman who helped the begger would be better for him or her. In this case both the man and the woman helped the begger but the  woman did it differently and it was great for the begger.

Let`s always learn how to do small things in a different and great way but also value them. The small great things you do today will make you great person in some day in future as long as you put uniqueness in doing them. Never ignore doing small things.






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