Coronavirus is a new discovered disease caused by a virus known as corona and officially named as COVID-19.

People affected with the disease will experience different symptoms i.e.

  • Difficulties in respiratory system

  • Illness

  • Headache

There are no specific treatments or vaccine to the disease however scientist and doctors are into it.

The spreading of COVID-19 is through holes within a body. Coronavirus can stay on a surface(skin) of a human being for days while trying to find a hole. That is the area where we can get rid of it very effectively.

Like most viral infections, COVID-19 also has no cure as I said before but can be removed by unpleasant conditions for it to multiply itself within a body i.e.

  • Too much acidic conditions

  • Hot temperatures

  vitamin C

Eating of much vitamin C foods (i.e. lemon, pepper, gingernuts and spinach), burn yourself up( a local method used by Africans in the past to treat themselves from different diseases, they used special type pf trees which they believed could cure them then boil with water till 100’C and use a blanket cover themselves and the bucket of hot water and stay for minutes till you sweat). These methods have proved efficiently in fighting against coronavirus.

But we should ask ourselves do we need to have the virus within our bodies for us to fight it? The answer is NO, here comes the precautions we should take to prevent ourselves from it,

As we know the virus is not an airborne disease hence can be prevented with avoiding gatherings, keeping distant from each other in our daily activities and wearing masks.

However, all these are quite hard for developing countries i.e. most African countries and that is because avoiding gathering in Africa meaning you want people to stay home and most African countries don’t have food to satisfy them even for a week so you will be saving them from coronavirus and kill them with hunger.


What Measures to be Taken into account?

It has been proven scientifically that by cleansing our skin surfaces using soap, viruses including corona viruses can be eliminated from the skin hence protecting ourselves from viral infections.

Why Soap .....? 

Viruses mostly prefer human skin surface since it is has properties that are ideal for their survival. It is organic in nature where the proteins and fatty acids interact with the dead cells present on the skin. When you touch and surface with coronavirus particles on it, the virus will stick into your skin. As we know human usually touches the face at least once on every 2 to 5 minutes. And at that point is where virus enters a body through your mouth or nose.

But when we wash our hands, we remove the virus from the hands. Water alone can be efficient to kill the virus but it sometimes not enough to compete with viral to skin interaction therefore we are advised to use soap.

Soapy water is totally different. Soap is composed of fat layer substance called amphiphiles, most of them being structurally  similar to  lipids present in virus membranes.The molecules from the soap eliminate the lipids from the virus membrane. Similarly, this technique removes impurities from the skin surface

The soap not only weakens the attatchment between the skin and the virus but also the bonds that hold the lipids, proteins and RNA in the virus together.

Alcohol based products i.e. hand sanitizers are good and can also be used in removing the virus from hands in almost the same fashion as the soaps

Wrapping up

The coronavirus is very dangerous but can be avoided  only by stay home, Take care of yourself, Stay in touch with your doctor and Avoid public transportation


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Davies Joseph Aloyce - Apr 22, 2020, 2:57 PM - Add Reply

Very educative

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