This article briefly explains what distance education is and outlines its benefits to both learners and the institutions that offer this type of learning. Distance education also online learning began in the early 1720s and has since evolved to date with more people adopting it globally.

The use of online learning is especially necessary for students who wish to take courses from other institutions that they cannot access physically; also, they get chances to learn courses that are only offered online.


What is distance education?

Distance education refers to the education of learners where they are or may not be physically present in schools or learning institutions. In ancient times it involved courses where learners interact with schoolwork through post; at the moment, it includes education done on online platforms. One of the modes used in distance learning is the global web. Other terms associated with distance learning include m-learning, virtual classroom, e-learning, and also online learning.

Online learning comprises of two modes which are synchronous plus asynchronous. Examples of platforms used in distance learning include; web conferencing, instructional television, internet radio, web-based VoIP, video conferencing, and also live streaming. Other sources used in this form of learning include online virtual worlds, webcasts, Webinars, email, audio recordings, voice-mails, and even print materials.

Benefits of distance learning

• Flexibility, which comes in different ways, such as students who do not prefer physical appearance in institutions or classes, get a chance to still pursue their desired courses online. Apart from students, business persons and other interested learners get a chance to attend classes at their convenient time of the day, which reduces time straining brought about by other commitments and responsibilities.

• Availability of content, students get a chance to access a wide range of learning materials that cannot be got physically or in-person also, they can access the content at any time when they visit the relevant or exact site of learning.

• Students also get a chance to access a wide range of learning materials that cannot be got physically or in person.

• Low cost or payment, most of the courses offered online tend to be cheaper than those offered physically in classrooms, and this enables more learners to enroll from differentbackgrounds. The institution also saves on cost since more students can be reached but were resources than in physical classrooms.

• Helps institutions in times of renovation in that learning can continue online as the physical classrooms are being renovated. On the other hand, it is not a must for institutions to have physical classes which saves on space and initial resources needed for coming up with some.

• Using videos, especially when learning, is beneficial to students since they can revisit the uploaded videos when they need to, and the teachers, too, may update the videos and reupload them for their students.

• Online learning helps institutions when it comes to room occupancy since any extra students get a chance to attend online classes either as schedules on the timetable or at their convenience time when they are available.

Final thoughts

The above-explained benefits shows that distance education should be encouraged in more institutions as it eases the learning process to learners, teachers, and other persons related to indirectly like the business persons or parents who wish to expound on their learning and cater for other commitments and responsibilities.


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