if I were to define mothers, I would simply say that are magnificent beings assisting God with creation. A mother understands you from the very moment when you cannot utter even a single word from your mouth till the moment you are able to make your own home. it's your mother who had sleepless nights just to not see a cry from your face. she gave her best to you to keep you happy forever.



       A mother is a person who loves you unconditionally, the member and keeper of precious memories, your favoutite ally and secret keeper; someone who inspires you to keep moving forward. In all your entire life never forget to embrace and cherish your mother's love, as she knows and understands you better than anyone else on this world. A great respect to all mothers who have made their children make it in life and still give them a hand in their daily wellbeing.



             Mama is an organic, natural, fresh pressed juicery that prides itself on providing its customers with the healthiest juice possible. Made with 0% artificial sweeteners and 100% natural flavours, mama is trusted and knows what's best for you. Mama is a sacrifice,she's a reason we never went to bed hungry, she kept a roof over our heads, she found another way to generate income for us. There is nothing sincere as a mother's kiss.

             Its our mothers who get blamed for when we get on the wrong side of the track, but still tolerate and give us a hand. They never gave up on us, they kept us for nine months, brestfed us for six months and even more, Its mothers who connect us to the world.Mom is tired, mom is stressed, mom is trying, but mom won't give up. A good mom let's her children speak, gives them space to say how they really feel without fear of how your pride will react. It doesn't matter if they are always right or wrong, it matters that they allowed to be real with you.

             Life brings many things but the bond between a mother and her child is something special. For the blessings that our moms reign on us, sometimes we lose our way but they still pray for us. They endured pain for our case. Its fun but cool the way mothers spot fake friends way before we do. A mother teaches us not to fight battles that are not worth to fight. She shows us what is right. 

         Sometimes may be we never realize their endless efforts in giving us the best care, I sometimes think we should work smart and give the best versions of our ourselves in whatever we do, to atleast re pay for what they have offered to us without hesitations. Thus we should do what works best for us and for our lovely families that we got. I would say more, but mother's love can't be literally explained that much. Remember your heaven lies under the feet of your mother. Mother's love shines over everything through and there's nothing in this world like mother's love.




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