In life, there are so many challenges that we face at different situations, moments and mostly they come when we do not even expect them to across our lives but they actually come. Challenges are there for everyone in life and they cannot be run away from. Always the best solution to the various challenges we face in life is perseverance.

Perseverance means to keep working hard despite of the problems that you would face in whatever you do. There are so many ways that would help one in persevering through the different challenges of life that we face. These are some of the things you can practice in life that will always help you persevere and go through the challenges that you would be facing in life;

Always put God first in whatever you do. Many people do not involve God in whatever they do forgetting that He is the Giver of everything. Always pray to God to always help you persevere and face the challenges ahead of you and surely after that the fruits of your perseverance will be revealed to you.

Believe in yourself that you can always do something despite of the challenges that you will face, that is what perseverance is all about. Always believe in yourself, just say "Yes I can", This slogan will always remind you of persevering in life. When you decide to do something do it to the fullest, do not think of the challenges you might face because challenges are always there to be faced and the only way of facing them is through persevering and finally you will reach where you wanted to.

In addition, you need to be patient. Once you are patient then you will be able to persevere challenges when you face them. It is always said ,"Patience pays"  Indeed when you are patient, success is always on its way as you keep enduring to the challenges you face. Most of us usually want things to be accomplished in a very short time but life is not like that because you will always face alot of challenges that will need you to be patient in order to accomplish the goals you want to achieve hence patience with perseverance work hand in hand in fighting challenges.

Also never give up because giving up demoralizes you in life. When you give up, you give chance to challenges to get into you life so easily. You need to keep trying, trying and and trying. "Better try and fail but do not fail to try", it is a way to go through because that is what perseverance requires of you.

Never mind about what others say about of you because it is non of your business, stick to your plan and not only plans but your goals. Be determined enough to face challenges in order to make your plans work out to enable you achieve your goals. People`s words are also challenges and the best way to persevere through these words is by ignoring them and stick to your plan.

Lastly, in order for one to persevere through challenges, you need to be strong in whatever you do. When you loose strength in achieving your goals, it's always time for many challenges to begin facing you. Without strength, you can`t easily persevere hence you need to always be strong.

Let us always persevere in life if we want to face challenges in life and I hope this article will always make you put perseverance as your problem solver in life.



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