Hey mate,

I don't know how this will find you. All I can do is hope and pray that both you and your loved ones are in one peace, considering the current situation. I for one, am in perfect peace, we all are. So I decided to use this time to check on the ones I love, including you.

It's truly devastating and heart wrecking to watch what is happening in the world. This week I received an email from a friend of mine studying in Georgetown, USA, that summed this situation up perfectly for me "we must keep our distance in order to hug stronger in the future". Please stay safe.

Three weeks ago I was admitted at the hospital and I was held there for two days due to a bad case of peptic ulcers. It was the worst I have ever felt, but during those days I felt God closest to me. And that's what I wish for you and your loved ones and the whole world. To know that, God is here and he's got us. That this too shall pass.

I just hope when it does you'll be ready? Ready to save the world. To be a hero.

I grew up watching superheroes on TV, as I have no doubt you did too. When I was six years old my favourite superhero was Spiderman. He was everything I wanted to be. He could shoot webs from his hands, soar the skies, flip cars and had a hot girlfriend. But what be wildered the mind of the six year old me, were things like when he courageously jumped in front of a moving train, knowing that this time he was way out of his head and he could die, so as to save a band of strangers that he had never met. I still remember what his dying grandfather said to him, "With great power, comes great responsibility." To the six year old me, spiderman was a true hero.

Okay now-now, I'm not asking you to be spiderman, No! am not. But it would be pretty cool to see you soaring the skies and flipping cars. 

What I am asking is that when it's all said and done, on that day when the humankind would stand taller than ever before on the shoulders of the saintly warriors of this fight against the corona virus, you would have learnt to do better and be better. 

That on that day, you would wake up early in the morning, meeting the occasion to find the strength within yourself to put two feet on the floor when the sun rises, to set out into a day that challenges you, forces you to face yourself, your demons, your insecurities, your shortcomings and finally your strength. 

That on that day, you would smile at a person in the elevator. You would say thank you while making eye contact to the person holding the door or giving you coffee. That you would help your colleague at work and you would say thank you to your mentor.

That henceforth, you would use your words to leave an impact and positive change to a hundred people or just one poor broken soul. That you would be someone who's working hard, who is showing up and showing out for others. Above all else, that you would be kind, to yourself, to others and to the planet. Yes, you heard me, to the planet. That you would switch off the AC, when you leave the room. That you would go to school on foot, or ride a bicycle instead of taking a fleet of vehicles. That you would turn off your phone and read a book. That you would make yourself a sandwich instead of buying packaged food produced in factories. And that you would make yourself informed about the different issues that affect the world today because, The late Martin Luther King Jr. was right when he said "what affects one directly, affects all indirectly", this pandemic has proven that to the world and that, finally you would start, as Dr. Jane Goodall simply puts it "to think globally and act locally."

Will you be ready to do all of this? Will you be ready to save the world. I hope you will be.

With love and renewed hope,






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Peace - Apr 22, 2020, 7:32 PM - Add Reply

I like it for sure 😍😍😍Cuzo ❤️We are together 💪💪

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Davies Joseph Aloyce - Apr 22, 2020, 7:38 PM - Add Reply

I appreciate it

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