There has been a fast growth in the Modernization since last  few decades and food which is one the most important aspect of our life remains unchanged, but something which we humans have changed or have forgotten is the table manners and the etiquettes to be followed while having our  meals on table irrespective of whether we are outside or inside our homes, irrespective of your age, though the etiquette’s may differ for the people of different age groups and here we’ll discuss some of those basic manners and etiquettes.

It is very important for adults to follow the etiquettes properly so as to set good and healthy environment for their kids as children just learn what they see their adults doing, hence as a parent/ grandparent/ siblings to the younger ones it is your responsibility to teach the kids about these behaviours.

With the advancements in technology and science the basic dining habits of human has also changed and we should take care of these following points while having the meals:

  •  Never use gadgets on the dining table
  •  Use words such as please, thank you, excuse me
  •  Thank the chef
  •   Always ask to be excused if want to get up
  •  Cover your lap with napkin
  •  Always help in cleaning up (while at home or at relative’s place)
  • These were some basic rules to be followed while on a dining table now we’ll look into some business dining etiquettes:


  • Try not going super hungry, eat something in advance as it will help you to focus more on the conversation rather than food.
  • Never order most expensive item as it shows rude attitude
  • Keep your gadgets on silent mode.
  • Never put your drink without taking a sip after cheering up with others.
  • Always arrive on the right time, never arrive too early or too late.
  • Once arrived shake hands with everyone.
  • Keep your belongings under your own chair
  • Do not sit before the host takes his/ her seat
  • Avoid ordering alcohol on a business meal
  • Try keeping the note of what the hosts are ordering
  • Let the host begin to eat first
  • Never blow on the hot food to cool it
  • Don’t eat too slowly or too fast

 Now we’ll see some of the etiquettes to be taught to the children:

  • Wash hands before taking meal
  • No burping, slurping or chewing sounds
  • No Chewing with open mouth
  • No rude comments like ew, gross
  • Elbows should be off the table
  • Ask others to pass the food
  • Only start eating once adults begin to eat
  • Always bring food to mouth and not vice-versa

There are a lot more etiquettes and manners but these were some basic and most important ones.

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Sagarika Paul - Apr 23, 2020, 8:09 AM - Add Reply

Article is very helpful

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