It has come to my concern that most writers, bloggers and even journalists have been always delivering negative views about Africa. Most of them have forgotten the famous proverb that says “In every bad thing, there is something good in it” and the vice versa also being true. They have forgotten that Africa is the mother continent from were all developed countries have found their riches. They have forgotten, or may be out of their own ignorance that the people of Africa (African’s) have the highest degree of hospitality, kindness, love and many other positive values that can be assimilated by oneself.

So many uncountable good things about Africa yet this honest continent has been negatively branded by media throughout the world in which in the scale of truth, it is all a lie. Nothing God as ever created is 100% perfect, even Africa itself, but how the world views Africa is more irritating even to write. The one who said Africa is a dark continent came during the night and left the continent before sunrise. His words are totally fake.

Not even a single country in Africa leads in poverty, bad leadership (dictatorship), ignorance, corruption, terrorism, civil wars and bad democracy and the links below this article can prove the later statement. But when the above mentioned happens even once in Africa or in particular countries it becomes a life time story and sometimes even exaggerated. The continent is affected by diseases only because of its geographical location (tropical climate) which favors most disease causing organism.

No one talks about world successful leaders that owe their origin to Africa. No one talks about the tourism attractions present in Africa. Even 1 of the 10 wonders of the world is in Africa but I bet if the majority knew this. There are full of Africans doing good in music, sports, leadership and innovations worldwide but they have shorter biographies in the internet than porn artists of the western countries. Nothing is wrong with Africa. Most of the countries attained their independence between 1950’s and 1990’s so you can’t compare them with developed countries which attained their independence more than 200 years ago some of them even not being colonized. Most of the western countries during their first 50 years of independence weren’t even successful compared to some countries in Africa but they still brag that Africa is underdeveloped. It is a big lie trying to become the truth. Africa is still developing, it only needs a few years 5 or 10 probably to show the world that it is also a place to be.

My perspective is that, it is high time for everyone especially Africans themselves to brand this continent positively for the betterment of human race and the future at large.

“Tough times never last but tough people do.”Robert Schuller.



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Jun 24, 2020, 7:18 PM - Aloyce Mkwizu
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