It is believed that golf started during the 15th century in Scotland, more especially in the eastern coast. Despite the fact that it was banned in the year 1457, it has grown and evolved tremendously, where more golf clubs have been formed and more tournaments experienced.Golf has increased in popularity since then, and there are improvements in the equipment used, the attire, plus the technology used in enhancing the game.


The Evolution

Golf began in the Coastal regions of Scotland in the fifteenth century, and people used pebbles and sand dunes. There was a ban of the game owing to the fact that most people lost interest in other games in the year 1457.  The summon on the game was lifted by a fan by the name James IV in 1502. Golf became famous with time, and the game was held in England, and the queen of Scotland was recorded as the first female golfer, and she also assisted in introducing the game in France. In 1744 the Honorable Company of Edinburgh was the first club to be formed, and the thirteen rules for playing were made official. Another golf club became officiated in the year 1786 in Charleston, found in the United States as the very first club out of the United Kingdom. More tournaments followed through the 1950s, where they were shown on televisions, and then there was a Golf Channel formed by 1990.

The first balls were of hardwood nature at the beginning, and their replacement or evolution was those made from leather pouches and were also referred to as ‘featheriness’ balls. During the 1800s the guttie was unearthed, hence it is believed that it was cheaper and simply to make. Later on, a standard ball was formed, and they contain dimples to assist with a consistent flight. In the year 1900, there was the adoption of shafted clubs, which were made legal in 1928 due to the increased number of clubs. The US Golf Association started using the fourteen club rule in 1938 due to the availability of high club numbers.

Golf attire mostly resembles that of Bobby Jones at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1950s, the players did polos motivated by Ben Hogan who was also a golfer, Doug Sanders brought matching of colors and patterned shirts in the 1960s. In 2010, there was the introduction of cardigan sweaters, ties, plus vests by Ryan Moore. Shoes for the game are considered waterproof, and they have a padding support.

The introduction of cross-bred golf clubs has helped the golfers when throwing the balls with satisfying results. Technological development on the sport, for example, the wearable tech helps golfers on performance as they can easily ascertain speed, motion, plus actual-time metrics.


Wrapping up

Golf is a game for both focused players and those who do it for leisure purposes. The sport will continue to grow in future times, and more people will become interested. Technological advancements and sport awareness will help in realizing the fun and goodness of the game.


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