Without an iota of doubt I strongly believe we are doing very well by grace. It is another awesome moment to share with you on a key subject that determines how far we go in life. Today I am sharing with you on the price of Humility. I hope you enjoy, and most of all be inspired and blessed.

Let me start by saying that Humility pays. In other words it pays to be humble. Most people hold a myriad of perceptions about this subject. Some people think to be humble shows that one is weak, and rather pride shows one is strong or rich in society. I beg to differ though.

        Humility is the opposite of Pride. Humility defines who you really are. However, it is neither a gift nor genetic. It is not prayed for, it is a personal choice and responsibility. Stop praying to God for humility. The bible did not say pray for humility for God lifts the humble. It said Humble yourselves in the Lord, because God resists the proud and raises the humble or lifts them up. This means you make the choice to be humble and be responsible in paying the price thereof.

        Humility is patience in wisdom. It is wise to be humble. It may seem foolish or strange to people but it will speak volumes in the future. Humble people are ready to wait for their time, and understand the truth of times and seasons in life. They do not covet or envy other people’s early stardom and prosperity because they know their time will definitely come. Humility is the ability to trust in God by entrusting your hope and faith in Him, despite your seemingly hopeless situation. We must understand that nothing is forever or permanent. Life is in phases. Embrace every phase in life knowing that it is just temporal. Until you appreciate that life is a journey, you will miss your destination. Never compare your life to others. Humility is contentment, and remember that Godliness with contentment is great gain. Life is not a race, so do not keep at pace with people. God gives grace to the humble. Pride will only destroy you. It is not about where you are now, it is about where you are going. Where you are now or what you are going through now has no connection with what you will be or have tomorrow. So stay humble. It pays to be humble. They can or will mock now but soon they will celebrate you because you paid the price to remain humble.

          I will end by saying that Humility is a choice, though costly but the end result is priceless. Do not let pride ruin your destiny because of a little rise in fame or stardom. Do not undermine, underestimate or despise anyone today because of your higher status. You may need that person’s help tomorrow. Pride will only bring you down without your permission so choose to be humble.


         I believe someone has been blessed by this. Please share, and comment. Thank you and have an amazing day and weekend. Cheers!! Stay blessed..





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Neema brown - May 6, 2020, 3:20 AM - Add Reply

With pride, there are many curses. With humility, there come many blessings. Good lesson MR Michael Otu

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salsah - May 6, 2020, 3:49 AM - Add Reply

"Humility is the ability to trust in God by entrusting your hope and faith in Him, despite your seemingly hopeless situation."
I like it

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Michael Otu - May 6, 2020, 12:06 PM - Add Reply

Awesome. Thanks very much

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