Every human on earth is a seed and your value depends on how you treasure youself or being treasured by those around you that is to mean nature and environment in general.Sometimes even the seed values or devalues itself somehow.The world stands as an observer but the one to adhere to the changes brought by nature is 'YOU and YOURSELF'.

No one has the same qualifications ,size, structure and appearance just as you and that is why everyone is special and unique . And somehow it may be the reason to why people accept you that way cause you are of our own specialty

In life nothing ever starts being great directly from great all starts from what we call little so never be that easily discouraged by what you face.

"Attitude,Character Personality,Focus ,Determination and Perseverance " should be your motto and these will help you to develop different insights and keep up the spirit over your efforts only then, you can accomplish your dreams and achieve just anything.

The challenges you encounter in life are there not to let you feel low but to make you more experienced than you were before and by then nothing can stand a chance and come your way ,all you need is attitude.

Nothing is never too easy not the roads , mountains valleys nothing not even you.Life's teaching doesn't intend to let us end up in complains but allow problems to make us who we become  today stronger and more experienced . You have to be the master to the problems in front ov you don't let them control you but rather control them.

Always raise your chin look up onto the mirrim and tell yourself "I am either a lion or lioness to the fears and problems on ma way and nothing can stand a chance of my happiness."


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Gerson - May 12, 2020, 7:05 AM - Add Reply

Sounds great

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