It was the end of the year 2019 when China discovered the new virus, Coronavirus as known as SAR-COV-2(COVID-19) by which it has started in a city called Wuhan, People got frightened as the virus cause lots of death at the beginning without knowing how to prevent themselves, as of now the virus spread all over the continent affects more than nine millions people and killing more than four hundred thousand people according to world health organization (WHO). The only prevention is to stay at home means quarantine, strict order must come to place in order to prevent people from moving, curfew introduced thus no movement to work places, grocery stores, shopping et cetera becomes a problem.

Months have passed since the pandemic started, lots have changed but what to expect now after all this is over. Effects of coronavirus are already foreseen in our eyes as so predictions occurred like such as unemployment rate in developed countries claimed to reach four millions people per country, the instability in the stock market, price of brine oil dipped below 20$, industries, airports, malls, schools got shut down. As pandemic stills a hit, and the restriction of quarantine putted at ease for economic to come at its feet, its time  for people to think beyond their comfort zone, pandemic cause people to suffer and I think it’s time for us to act.


WHAT TO EXPECT? People to react to the cause, our life depends on how we react to whatever makes us not going to work, children not going to school to pursue their dreams, our economy to decline up to this point because of pandemic, Our adrenaline must work by solving our problems through new ideas, innovations and prepare ourselves for whatever comes next like pandemic or other disease to react fast without suffering to the cause.

Our lives matter, lots of people have died already because of COVID-19, we lost our colleagues, close friends, loved ones and still new cases are popping up in every corner around the globe, expectation is that the handling of any pandemic which comes next or catastrophe will be handled in a good ways without affecting country economy or the lives of people at large.



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