1> Send an italicised message:
           Put under score at the beginning and end of the text to be italicised


  2> Make the text Strikethrough
             Enclose the text within the tilde ~ symbols


3> Make the text Bold:
           Enclose the text within asterisk * to make it bold


4>  See a Media without telling the      

 a) Go to WhatsApp Settings > Data and storage usage > When using mobile data > select all

 b) Go to WhatsApp Settings > Data and storage  usage > When connected on Wi-Fi > select all


5> Two-Step Verification: This can be a very use option to enhance the security of the WhatsApp Account whenever logging in into a new device, Follow these steps

 WhatsApp Settings > Accounts > Two step verification > Enable > Enter a code and set a backup mail also.


 6> Hide Blue ticks:
        WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Turn-off read receipts 

7> Force stop WhatsApp to not receive texts and any notification: If you want to be offline from WhatsApp while your device is connected to internet then just follow the below mentioned steps
            Go to Device settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Force stop

So these were some tricks which your can use. Please mention your queries in the comment box below.





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Peace - May 8, 2020, 9:46 PM - Add Reply

Wao nice

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Annamary - Jul 14, 2020, 1:18 PM - Add Reply

cool didnt know some of the tricks

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