I hereby, once again informing you about the world’s top fastest Superbikes made by Humans on Earth. I will be reviewing on the Kawasaki Ninja H2r released in 2015 and Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX 1300R) released in 1999 and as well checking their comparison.



Kawasaki Ninja H2r is made in Japan and costs $50,000 till date. It is for Track-only class. The Manufacturer of this superbike is Kawasaki Motorcycle & Engine Company and the Parent company is KawasakiHeavy Industries. The Kawasaki Ninja H2r is not Street-legal because it has no Side-mirrors, Headlights and a License-plate holder and Light, Neither it has Turn signals. It does not comply to road regulations cause of it’ s loud noise.

H2R(Histamine Type 2 Receptor)

H2R(Hire to Retire)



 Top Speed   400 kmph
 Displacement 998 cc
 Maximum Power  310 HP @ 14,000 rpm
 Maximum Torque  165 NM @ 12,500 rpm
 Number of Cylinders  4
 Number of Gears  6 Speed
 Sit Height  830 mm
 Ground Clearance  130 mm
 Kerb/Wet Weight  216 kg
 Fuel Tank Capacity   17 litres


Oil Jets

In the need of putting the engine compact and simple, a single lubrication system provides cooling oil for the engine components, supercharger and transmission when on action.


Electronic Throttle Valves

Fully electronic throttle actuation system helps the ECU to control the volume of both the fuel (via Electronic Fuel Injectors) and the air (via Throttle Valves) delivered to the engine


Aerodynamically-designed Bodywork

It is no offense that when the Street illegal Ninja H2r viewed from the side, the superbike does not seem to have the aggressive forward-canted shape of most modern super sport models.


Dog-ring Transmission

A Dog-ring type transmission was selected to enable smooth quick shifting . This is transmission type commonly viewed in MotoGP or Formula 1, and was developed with queries from the Kawasaki Racing Team.



KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter)

The Street illegal Ninja H2R was the first Kawasaki motorcycle equipped with a standard quick shifter. The quick shifter also enables clutchless downshifts while lowering gears.


Cylinder Head

A number of thoughts were given to the Cylinder Head designs to ensure maximum cooling performance required for the supercharged engine. The large coolant pathways result in the ideal cooling for the combustion chamber.


In-house-designed Supercharger

Kawasaki motorcycle engine designers with help from other companies designed Supercharger used in Ninja H2r within the KHI Group, including the Gas Turbine & Machinery Company, Aerospace Company and Corporate Technology Division.


Hydraulic Clutch & Back-torque Limiter

Quality hydraulic clutch provides less maintenance after long action of use ensuring the initial condition to be maintained. Brembo components, outrageous linearity and smooth actuation are also beneficial.


Is Kawasaki Ninja H2r Street legal?

Kawasaki Ninja H2r is not street legal plus it’s extremely powerful. Kawasaki has unveiled the 2015 Ninja H2R, and it's simply the most powerful production superbike ever.It's a track-only class bike and not Street legal, but a road version (or Street legal version) called the Kawasaki Ninja H2 has been introduced few weeks back, likely with somewhat less power and less noise pollution equipped with Headlights, Side mirrors and a License-plate holder.




Suzuki Hayabusa or GSX 1300R Busa is a Sport-bike motorcycle made by Suzuki company in Japan since 1999. It was the world’s fastest production motorcycle made since then with a top speed of 303 to 312 km/h (188 to 194 mph). It costs $18000.

GSX-R(Grand Sport eXperimental-Racing)



 Top Speed  312 kmph or 194 mph
 Displacement  1340 cc
 Maximum Power  200 HP @ 9500 rpm
 Maximum Torque  155 Nm @ 7200 rpm
 Number of Cylinders  4
 Number of Gears  6 Speed
 Seat Height  805 mm
 Ground Clearance  120 mm
 Kerb/Wet Weight  268 kg
 Fuel Tank Capacity  21 litres



So let's look at the comparison between H2R and GSXR

 Specification  Kawasaki Ninja H2r  SUZUKI GSX 1300R HAYABUSA
  Top Speed  400 kmph or 249 mph  312 kmph or 194 mph
  Displacement  998 cc  1340 cc
  Maximum Power  310 HP @ 14,000 rpm  200 HP @ 9500 rpm
  Maximum Torque  165 Nm @ 12,500 rpm  155 Nm @ 7200 rpm
  Number of Cylinders  4  4
  Number of Gears  6 Speed  6 Speed



On a nut-shell,

From the above reviews, I conclude by saying that the street illegal superbike Kawasaki Ninja H2r is way fast than the Suzuki GSX 1300r BUSA on a long mile.


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